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Acquire our exceptional capabilities to build Software, Web and Mobile applications, transform legacy systems, architect for the cloud to enable greater flexibility, agility and new growth opportunities.

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Blockchain Development

Unlock the full potential of the Web3.0 era with us as your guide. Our expert development of blockchain solutions and dApps for enterprises is revolutionizing the way we think about trust, prosperity, and resource conservation.

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Custom Software Development

Our skilled team of experts is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, deploying, and maintaining the software that will drive your success. We guide you through every step of the product development process. Trust us with your outstaffing needs, as we only work with the best in the industry.

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Web & Mobile applications

At ilink, we strive for perfection in every project, ensuring that each one is a valuable business tool. Our expert team specializes in cross-platform mobile application development, delivering memorable, unique designs and lifetime support for your success.

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Modern Solutions

As the world of technology evolves, we are constantly seeking new ways to modernize and improve industries. We provide progressive solutions in the fintech industry by improving banking, providing seamless payment solutions, harnessing the power of AI, and revolutionizing logistics.

Case Studies

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Neuronex is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides an opportunity for participants to make P2P purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrency.

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Neuron Wallet

Neuron Wallet - The cryptocurrency wallet that provides the ability to fully control your cryptocurrency assets.

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Banxe Digital

Banxe Digital is a super app that combines the main functionality of TomPay, NeuronEx, Crypto Processing, DeFi projects.

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Smartbox is an online store that uses the ML model for individual search and selection of products for each user.

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Tompay is a multi-currency wallet that allows users to store, send and receive both fiat and cryptocurrency funds.

About Us

People Focused Software Development Processes

We understand that every client has unique project needs and running a bench module for developers does not work in most cases. Hence, we handpick developers for your project by aligning their skills and expertise with your project needs.


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Latest Press Releases

ilink Showcases Innovation and Expertise at TOKEN2049 Week in Singapore

Singapore, 11-17 September — ilink, a leading player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, recently participated in the prestigious TOKEN2049 Week in Singapore, solidifying its commitment to advancing the future of blockchain technology.

Crypto Summit 2023: A Convergence of Minds Shaping the Future of Crypto

The event provided many sections and venues where attendees explored diverse avenues of cryptocurrency market participation, from mining and trading to blockchain project development.

ilink Company's Participation in Fintech at Digital Bridge 2023

Astana recently hosted Digital Bridge 2023, a top-notch IT forum that has left an indelible mark on the global tech landscape.

Ilink Showcases Cutting-Edge Services at Blockchain Life Conference in Dubai

ilink, a leading blockchain and software development company, showcased its cutting-edge services and expertise at the recent Blockchain Life conference, held in Dubai on October 24-25.

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