Types of Crypto Wallets You Should Know about

July 19, 2023
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Types of Crypto Wallets You Should Know about

There is an easy explanation for the popularity of cryptocurrency. It is a modern analog of the money we are familiar with. Cryptocurrency can only be used on the Internet; it cannot be received in cash, but can be converted into real currency at the current market rate. There is no link between their price and the exchange rate of national currencies. Their price is determined by the trust of their users.

The concept of cryptocurrency refers to a digital code that is transmitted from one computer to another. Information is exchanged between users to generate the digital code. Information is collected in certain blocks, which are interconnected. As soon as a block is fully filled, a unit of electronic currency is created, which is sent to the digital wallet of the user who has confirmed the transaction. The blockchain infrastructure operates in this manner. It is important to understand that cryptocurrency and blockchain are different concepts.

Due to the popularity of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the entire ecosystem of blockchain solutions. In the future, new cryptocurrencies will play a larger role as more businesses use decentralized services and platforms.

Based on CoinGecko x Statista estimates, the global market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is expected to reach $1.17 trillion by March 2023. Thus, cryptocurrencies are undergoing a visible development. A crypto wallet can be falsely understood as a medium where funds are stored, but unlike a traditional physical wallet this isn't the case, as all assets are in fact stored on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency wallets: an overview

“Then, what is a crypto wallet?” you may ask. A crypto wallet stores special keys, so it is a program that interacts with a blockchain. These keys are the same as proof of ownership. If you have the keys, you own the coins and tokens. Signing transactions requires private keys, while getting an address on the blockchain that corresponds to a user requires public keys. If someone knows your public key, they can send you coins. It is only the owner of the private key who has access to blockchain addresses and their crypto assets. Private keys make you the full owner of the crypto assets at a given address. This is why security is so important. Whoever owns the keys owns the tokens.

An overview of the types of crypto wallets

Depending on your specific needs, crypto wallets are available in a variety of configurations. Here is a brief overview of the different types of wallets.

Based on the type of management:

  1. Custodial


  • Easy to use, which makes them a convenient cryptocurrency entry for beginners;
  • Easy password recovery in case of loss.


  • Often targeted by hackers;
  • A third party controls the private key and assets;
  • Verification of KYC and AML is required before use.

This option is suitable for beginners as it reduces the risk of losing coins. When using this wallet, there is a third party who holds the keys to it. This means that the owner does not have full control over it. However, if the user forgets or loses access to the wallet, the third party will help him. In addition, such a wallet can be used for inheritance purposes. Cryptocurrency assets can still be accessed after the death of the owner through the person who managed the wallet.

  1. Non-custodial


  • Keys and assets are under full control;
  • Security of funds;
  • No KYC or AML verification is required to create a wallet.


  • If the wallet key is lost, it cannot be recovered;
  • A study of the technical base is necessary;
  • Beginners may find it difficult to use.

This option is used by more experienced users, investors and traders, or people who do not want to entrust access to the wallet to anyone. Thanks to this option, the user has full control over his data and coins. Working with these wallets allows you to trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, interact with decentralized exchanges and applications.

Based on the type of usage:

  1. Hot


  • Transparency;
  • Support a wide range of cryptocurrencies;
  • An ideal choice for beginning miners who do not have a large amount of capital.

An Internet connection is required for this option. Accordingly, when using a hot wallet, you store your private keys in an application that is connected to the Internet. These wallets are suitable for everyday use. However, regular access to the network does not allow them to provide a high level of security.

  1. Cold


  • Backup capabilities;
  • The highest level of protection against hacking;
  • Storage of large quantities is possible.

Cold wallets provide greater security than hot wallets. There is no permanent connection between them and the network. Typically, cold wallets take the form of physical devices, such as flash drives. Using this approach, thieves cannot steal assets remotely from a wallet that isn't connected to the network. This option is used by the world's largest crypto exchanges and investors with huge amounts of assets.

Based on the type of storage:

  1. Software

The wallets are available as applications for computers and smartphones. Their user-friendly interface makes them easy to use. It should be noted, however, that their security is limited.


  • Fast work;
  • The usual mobile banking format;
  • No passport verification.


  • Not as secure as a hardware wallet;
  • If your wallet is an app on your phone, you may lose coins if you lose your smartphone;
  • Sometimes it is needed to open different wallets for different cryptocurrencies.
  1. Hardware

Since these wallets are physical devices that store cryptocurrencies offline, they are more secure than the previous one. You might think that this is the best crypto wallet. However, such wallets have several disadvantages, including a high cost and the possibility of losing it.


  • Due to the lack of a permanent Internet connection, it is difficult to hack;
  • Works offline.


  • When a wallet is lost, the funds cannot be recovered;
  • Trading is difficult;
  • Transferring funds is difficult.
  1. Paper

Private keys are stored on paper in this form of cold storage. This option is safe as long as the paper sheet is not damaged. The keys are printed as QR codes that can be scanned to make transactions. It has a number of disadvantages, including the possibility of losing it and the inability to create a backup copy.


  • Physical ownership;
  • No internet access means no hacker attacks.


  • The code may not be readable due to damaged paper
  • A quarter code is created on a third-party service;
  • Transferring funds and payments still requires the use of a software wallet.

There are a wide variety of cryptocurrency wallets available, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our recommendation is simple: you should select the safest crypto wallet that also meets your needs and expectations.

What Is the Best Way to Select a Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company?

Crypto wallet development company image | ilink blog

Choosing a right company to develop your crypto wallet is crucial, as the right partner can greatly influence the success and growth of your project.

Blockchain development company Ilink will provide you with the best team to develop digital wallets, coins and tokens.

  • Reviews and cases. Before selecting a company to develop a good crypto wallet, it is important to take into account reviews about the projects it has completed. Reviews from customers who have already used the company's services or who are regular customers will help you determine how similar the development team's approach is to your own. As a result, you will be able to determine whether you can trust the company, as well as if there have been any unpleasant moments that you need to be aware of. By understanding the development process, you will be able to determine whether it meets your expectations. In addition, the cases will help you determine whether you are satisfied with the product being developed by the development team. Also, a portfolio of real work will help to ensure that these are not scammers.

  • A description of the team composition and the technology stack used. The composition of the team should also be taken into account, and you should ensure that it is suitable for you. You can ask the development company for the team that will cover all your requirements if you have an idea of the kind of product you would like to achieve. Furthermore, it is vital to understand the stack used for development in order to determine whether this or that solution is suitable for your needs.

So If you are looking for a blockchain wallet development company, ilink can help you. It has extensive experience in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, wallet development, and related fields. Providing innovative solutions for businesses and individuals, ilink possesses a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles behind this new technology.

ilink has extensive experience in developing blockchain-based solutions, such as smart contracts, decentralized applications, and cryptocurrency platforms. Besides blockchain technology, ilink has a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies as well. A wide range of tools and services have been developed by ilink to assist businesses and individuals in securely storing, managing, and trading their crypto assets.

ilink is a reliable and experienced partner for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and multi cryptocurrency wallet development. ilink is well positioned to assist clients in achieving their goals in this exciting and rapidly changing field, thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of the technology and commitment to excellence.

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Holt, Jerry
August 30, 2023
The safest thing to do is to have a hot wallet and a cold wallet together. I'd like to know what wallets you recommend.
Holt, Jerry
August 30, 2023
The safest thing to do is to have a hot wallet and a cold wallet together. I'd like to know what wallets you recommend.

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