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ilink Participated in Viva Technology 2024 in Paris

June 13, 2024
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VIVA tech 2024 Paris | ilink press-release

Viva Technology 2024

Paris, France 2024 – ilink, a leader in blockchain and software development, was among the prominent participants at this year's Viva Technology conference, which took place from May 22-25 in Paris. The conference attracted over 165000 visitors, reinforcing its status as a premier event for global technology innovators.

Viva Technology 2024 brought together more than 13000 startups from around the world, spanning more than 25 business sectors. This broad representation provided an excellent platform for networking and exploring new business opportunities, particularly in areas that align with ilink’s expertise such as blockchain, smart contracts, AI and more.

The conference featured insightful presentations from industry giants, including Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla, Yann LeCun of Meta, Dr. Werner Vogels of, among others. ilink representatives talked with the heads of fintech startups, scheduled meetings and established cooperation with a wide array of businesses.

We are thrilled to have been part of VivaTech this year,

Our Head of Growth commented.

It's a great opportunity to connect with the global tech community and to share our passion for innovation in blockchain and fintech.

About ilink

ilink is a premier blockchain and software development company focused on delivering innovative solutions in the areas of WEB3.0 and Fintech. With a dedication to empowering businesses and individuals, ilink is helping to shape the future of the digital economy.

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