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We bring 10+ years of Blockchain expertise to your project. We specialize in creating secure, scalable, and customized blockchain solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts will develop a decentralized network that ensures the reliability and transparency of transactions and data protection. Your business processes will become more efficient thanks to automated smart contracts and improved data management.

Blockchain Services for Your Business


Custom Blockchain Development​

We will help automate your business with transparent and secure decentralized blockchain solutions.

Why Choose ilink Company for Development?

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100 +

Qualified Blockchain Developers With Us

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Years of Experience in The IT & Blockchain

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Blockchain Solution Developed in 2023

Wide Range of Service

We offer a full cycle of development.

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Convenient Interaction Models

We offer dedicated development teams for your project or you can hire any number of outstaffing IT-specialists to expand your staff and to close the gaps in your development team.

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Technology Experts

We use the modern technology stack in development.

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Fast Project Delivery

We decompose tasks in as much detail as possible and hold regular meetings to evaluate the effectiveness. That's why you get a reliable, tested, and working project just in time.

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Blockchain Development Platforms We Work On

Ethereum Blockchain Icon


Ethereum is the most popular decentralized blockchain platform we have worked with for over five years.

Polkadot Blockchain Icon


Polkadot is an open blockchain platform that enhances the interoperability of different blockchains for more robust security.

Solana Blockchain Icon


The high speed of transactions allows this blockchain network to have a low commission.

Bitcoin Blockchain Icon


The main advantage of bitcoin is its popularity. Even with the volatility, many continue to use and trust this network.

Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Icon

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain offers lower fees than Ethereum, as well as lightning-fast transaction processing speed.

TRON Blockchain Icon


Tron is a decentralized platform for content sharing and development of entertainment applications and more.

Qtum Blockchain Icon


Qtum is a reliable hybrid blockchain platform based on Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus.

Avalanche Blockchain Icon


Avalanche solves scalability problems and has minimal risks of delaying transaction confirmations in the system.

Technologies We Use

Our IT specialists will ensure trouble-free development blockchain products using modern technologies and deep knowledge of the programming languages.

Get the best result from experienced software developers.


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Mobile and Application Development

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Blockchain Platform

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QA and Testing

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UI/UX Design

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Industry Experience of Developers

Case Studies

Neuronex Project Preview Image


Neuronex is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides an opportunity for participants to make P2P purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrency.

Neuron Wallet Case Preview Image

Neuron Wallet

Neuron Wallet - The cryptocurrency wallet that provides the ability to fully control your cryptocurrency assets.

Banxe Digital Case Preview Image

Banxe Digital

Banxe Digital is a super app that combines the main functionality of TomPay, NeuronEx, Crypto Processing, DeFi projects.

Smartbox Case Preview Image


Smartbox is an online store that uses the ML model for individual search and selection of products for each user.

Tompay Case Preview Image


Tompay is a multi-currency wallet that allows users to store, send and receive both fiat and cryptocurrency funds.

Feedback from Our Clients

Feedback author

Diana Dickens

Sales Specialist at Mergaly

We received a multifunctional store with the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. Completely satisfied with the work done.

Feedback author

Richard Hall

Founder & CEO at Hashup

We received a fully completed project, right on time. Interaction with the team was easy, leaving only a positive impression.

Feedback author

Taisia Nikitina


We are grateful to each member of the team for their work and professionalism.

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